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Eating the Inner Organs of Beasts and Fowls

January 14, 2016


Mr. Leopold Bloom was clearly given to sensuous pleasures but he wasn’t entirely immune to the pleasures of the mind. Following yesterday’s market action, most of us probably feel the need to scale back a little from our sensuous pleasures, such as eating the “inner organs of beasts and fowls”, and give more weight to reflective […]

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The Mindlessness of Mind

June 28, 2013


In the wilderness one quickly learns that the mind often plays tricks and is not to be relied upon, especially if other, ‘harder’ indicators are available. How often have I been convinced that the destination was one way when the compass pointed another. Along the same lines, it’s only too easy to underestimate the time […]

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Investors At The Edge Of The Fiscal Cliff

December 5, 2012


The fiscal cliff is a combination of large spending cuts and tax increases that are scheduled to be automatically enacted at the start of 2013. There is nothing unusual about any of these spending cuts and tax changes in isolation, but it’s the sheer number of them happening simultaneously at the beginning of next year that’s […]

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