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Pickled Onions and Thatched Cottages

July 26, 2012


I’m writing this while on vacation in England, in a beautiful thatched cottage in Devon, built in the early 1700’s. There’s no internet so it is easy to ignore unsettling news from the outside world, the Batman massacre, Eurozone concerns and Middle Eastern turmoil. The setting, gardens and décor are idyllic.  The cottage has seen witchcraft […]

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Playing The Game Of Life

July 16, 2012


During a long career as a financial planner, I have had the privilege of looking through a window into the intimate lives of hundreds of individuals. Many of these have played the game of life with consummate skill and have achieved considerable success in their chosen endeavors, both financial and non-financial. However, it is also clear […]

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Human Nature – Take Your Pick

July 7, 2012


Sinceritus: People are basically good. Most of the world’s problems could be solved if only we all learned to act a little less selfishly. It just comes down to education and changing the environment, so we can help make people better. Economicus: I disagree with your basic premise. Man is an imperfect, selfish, fallible creature […]

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Emotions, Schmotions

July 2, 2012


Have you ever been struck dumb by the ineffable? Have you ever seen a close friend or relative swept along by an emotion so strong that they no longer seem the same person? Better still, have you ever experienced such an emotional tidal wave yourself? If you have done any of these things you will […]

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